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Off The Beaten Path: 4 Alternatives To Traditional Window Treatments

Simply put, window treatments aren’t what they used to be. With today’s modern technology and contemporary designs the window covering industry has grown tremendously. This is truly a benefit for any homeowner who wants more options and features when decorating their windows. Over the last few years new products have emerged on the market that can enhance any room environment like never before. Here are just a few examples of what you can expect as you explore different window products for your home from our St. Petersburg shutter company. Come visit our showroom at Gator Blinds, and we can demonstrate all of these unique window treatment products for you with

Innovative Window Film

Window film is a particular favorite here in Southeast Florida. Not only does it play a key role in filtering out UV rays and the accompanying glare and heat from the sun, but it also gives you a completely different approach to window decor all together. Rather than placing shutters, blinds, or shades in front of your window, transparent film is attached directly to the window screen. The immediate effect is an open window with a stunning panoramic view to the outside. But there are other great benefits such as controlled filtering, a wide variety of shades, colors, and easily installation and removal. Window film is also very affordable when compared to other window treatments.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are among the most well loved of all window coverings due to their chic design and versatility. These soft, yet durable, products are available in single, double, and triple honeycombs in order to maximize efficiency and give you privacy. Cellular shades come in a wide range of light-filtering fabrics and an endless array of colors. They can be custom designed to suit your window’s dimensions. When raised, cellular shades are condense, giving you a whole window view.

Motorized & Remote Control

Modern shades, shutters, & blinds now offer motorized operation for easy access. Your window covering can now be controlled from a panel on the wall or even by remote control. Basically, anything that you can do manually, you can now do at the touch of a button. Motorized control allows you to fine-tune your window experience. There are dozens of options such as programmable timers, sun sensors, remote internet and Ethernet access from your phone or computer, and of course measured open and closing features. And the panels are just as stylish as the window coverings so that they look nice on your wall.

Composite and Faux Wood, and Poly

One of the great things that natural wood has going for it is authenticity. Unless you spend lots of money, however, you’re likely to end up with low grade wood that will warp, bend or crack when exposed to sunlight or moisture. The solution? Faux wood, composite wood, or Poly . These great alternatives give you all the benefits of a natural wood surface, but are built with more durable materials underneath. Composite materials can be constructed out of PVC, aluminum, vinyl or other materials. The result is longevity and greater heat and moisture resistance.

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