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The 4 Essentials of Window Treatments

St. Petersburg Shutter CompanySo once again you find yourself at the store looking at row after endless row of generic, cheap window treatments. And you’re nowhere closer to finding the right shade, shutters, or blinds than when you began. You’re less than satisfying experience ends up in utter disappointment and you’re back to the drawing board. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be this difficult. With the right resources, the right planning, and the right professionals, you can get exactly what you’re looking for. So before you make a decision that you may regret, check out these 4 tips to buying the perfect shades, shutters, or blinds for your home from your St. Petersburg shutter company. Continue reading “The 4 Essentials of Window Treatments”

Off The Beaten Path: 4 Alternatives To Traditional Window Treatments

Simply put, window treatments aren’t what they used to be. With today’s modern technology and contemporary designs the window covering industry has grown tremendously. This is truly a benefit for any homeowner who wants more options and features when decorating their windows. Over the last few years new products have emerged on the market that can enhance any room environment like never before. Here are just a few examples of what you can expect as you explore different window products for your home from our St. Petersburg shutter company. Come visit our showroom at Gator Blinds, and we can demonstrate all of these unique window treatment products for you with Continue reading “Off The Beaten Path: 4 Alternatives To Traditional Window Treatments”

Why You Should Have Your Window Treatments Professionally Installed

Properly installing your new window treatments requires more than just inserting a few screws or nails into the wall. If you have no experience St. Petersburg Window Treatment Installationmounting shades, shutters, or blinds, then you’ll inevitably experience less than satisfying results. You’re brand new product will suffer from poor installation and you’ll also create a dangerous environment for your family from day to day use. There are several issues to address as you consider hiring a professional to mount your St. Petersburg window treatment. For instance, how will the window treatments be mounted? What will it be fastened to? Will it be installed directly to the wall or inside the window frame? Do you have the tools needed in order to complete the job? Continue reading “Why You Should Have Your Window Treatments Professionally Installed”