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Solar Shades offer the best Insulation

The market is full of options for window coverings. There are options to suit modern, traditional, contemporary, décor, and window shapes – octagonal, triangular, round, size, etc. Choosing the window treatment is more than matching them with the room aesthetics; they must also serve the functional purpose.

Solar Shades are an excellent window treatment when you live in excessive sunshine areas like Florida. Their light-blocking properties help keep rooms cooler and offer excellent UV protection. It also prevents your furniture, rug, and other décor items from fading. We should first try to understand Solar Shades to know more about them.

Solar Shades lower the intensity of the sunlight so that we can enjoy the view indoors without getting the glare. They are made from a woven material that helps block the sun’s heat and light. When shopping for these shades, you will get them in a range of openness. This means the amount of light that can come in through these shades. The lower the percentage, the less sunlight it lets pass through.

Do Solar Shades block out heat?

As we just discussed, the solar shades cut out the sun’s glare keeping your rooms cooler on hot sunny days. The amount of heat protection depends on the percentage; typically, it ranges from 10 to 14 percent.

Do Solar shades provide privacy?

Well, the main task of solar shades is to block the sunlight, and they offer a moderate level of privacy. If you want much privacy, pair them with other window treatments like cordless blinds.

Motorization and cordless operation are very much in trend these days. You can control them with a touch of a button from anywhere, anytime. Many homeowners like it not just because it adds to comfort or convenience but because they make the window treatment child safe. You can even open or close your solar shades at any point to set the optimal temperature indoors. Check with your local distributor about these child-safe solar shades.

You can ask for professional help at Gator blinds when it gets tougher to find the right solar shade. We offer free in-home expert consultation. The experts come to your homes with product swatches and recommend the best window covering solutions matching your taste, preferences, and budget.

Solar Shades are indeed a smart window treatment for a smart homeowner! Are you smart enough?